Viadukt GmbH

Case Study – User Interface

Case Study User Interface

Creating a new and intuitive interface FORM for Viadukt GmbH


Commencing the analysis of the form’s structure involves a comprehensive examination of various facets, encompassing the target audience, intuitiveness, user-friendliness, and the central theme: “Energie-Effizienz” (energy efficiency).

Here, how I’ve recreated the Form, with a specific emphasis on creating a stable structure and incorporating icons designed by me.

Icons play a crucial role in this project, as it revolves around the topic of energetics. Given that this subject can be complex to comprehend and entails high-profile terminology, it is particularly challenging for non-native speakers in Germany, where the language is not easy to learn. Moreover, approximately 20% of the German population consists of foreigners.

To address these challenges, I made the decision to prioritize the use of icons. By relying on visual cues, even individuals who are not familiar with the topic can intuitively understand the form and its elements.